Dynamic Email Form

Generate Dynamic Email Form from Xml file.

Submit Form to your email.

Submit Form with Network Credential.
Change all Css Class.

Example Xml File



    <item title="Your Name" required="true" type="TextBox"/>

    <item title="Email" required="true" type="TextBox"/>

    <item title="Phone" required="true" type="TextBox"/>

    <item title="City" required="true" type="DropDownList">

      <option text="Select City" value="0"/>

      <option text="Paris" value="01"/>

      <option text="Amsterdam" value="02"/>     


    <item title="Where Did You Find Us?" required="true" type="RadioButtonList">

      <option text="Google" value="01"/>

      <option text="Friends" value="02"/>


    <item title="Your comments" required="true" type="TextArea"/>